Daily Horoscopes for Friday 29th March 2019

daily horoscope friday

Daily Horoscope Friday 29th March 2019

Mercury the planet of thinking and decisions makes a mildly tense alignment to Uranus planet of originality and surprises.

You’ve been thinking about a sudden change of direction, but you have to be sure that your feelings are aligned correctly, so, it might be more advisable to let your thought forms flow more before settling on what it is you actually want.

However, be ready to take on new and interesting input from an outside source.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You’re thinking about things from ‘behind the scenes’ when a surprising notion to do with money and values makes you realize how different things can be. Its still behind wraps for now.

Taurus: You’re thinking about attaining recognition in future plans and among the group you’re part of: so go ahead and make the independent and solo-style move you’ve been considering. Move forward.

Gemini: You’re thinking about life direction and career and suddenly a flash of intuition as if from nowhere gives you a new way to consider things; could be challenging when you’re into sticking with a plan.

Cancer: You’re thinking about how to widen your worldly viewpoint and stretch out to learn and encompass more when a friend or associate comes up with an exciting notion that electrifies things.

Leo: You’re considering financial arrangements with others which could include loans or mortgages when you suddenly realize that your professionalism can change things quicker than you thought.

Virgo: You’ve been thinking about an important relationship when there’s a sudden change that involves travelling, learning or how you ‘believe’ in what you’re doing together. Exciting prospects start now.

Libra: You’ve been thinking about your diet and health regime when a flash of personal inspiration occurs which gives you even more ability to make adjustments and transform yourself.

Scorpio: You’ve been thinking about creative and expressive ideas that will help you develop your new direction when a partner’s surprising reaction gives you a new set of inspirations.

Sagittarius: You’ve been getting personal thoughts about the past and your domestic and family situation and your desire to change your working life spreads to making home based changes.

Capricorn: You’re talking to people close to you and networking and communicating to learn more; suddenly you realize what will make you happy and more expressive; a change of mind and locality?

Aquarius: You’re thinking about your money and possessions and what things are worth and suddenly your desire to start everything over from a fresh perspective sees you ready to let go of ‘stuff’.

Pisces: You’re thinking about individuality, general approach and first impressions: a surprising realization occurs that helps you communicate in a different way. A short journey is part of the process.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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